Friday, February 27, 2009

Poloist is Sane....

Now I know this guy is unstable....

Bitch-boy, faggot you may be, but coward, you most certainly are, however we in the public do not wish to relive your obscure, and unsatisfied childhood. So with that, continue to sit in your cubical quietly with thoughts of rage against your co-workers while we the sane people continue to live a healthy balanced life.

Daily Stupid Award goes to.....Richard

Richard's utter lack of taste could be overlooked if he weren't

"I do enjoy the mindless enjoyment" - Well, I'm glad Richard cleared that up so eloquently.

Here's how he describes an encounter with a pro-wrestler

"After walking out of the restroom, I was encountered by a large puff of white hair and a rather husky gentleman."

First Richard says "I was encountered by." His grammar is worse than that backyard barbecue shirt and tie but perhaps not worse than the shoes. Then he calls Ric Flair a gentleman. Further proof that Richard's history degree is from LackaKnowledge Junior College.

Then Ric Flair asks Richard a simple question - what other kind of question could Rick Flair ask Richard:

"are you drinking or dancing? "

Then get this, Richard says he is confused. Yes, Ric Flair confused Richard with a multiple choice question that consisted of two possible answers.

Way to go Richard. You win Stupid of the Day award.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

WASP 101 - What A Stupid Prol

Welcome to WASP 101 - What A Stupid Prol.

The idea of the blog is to examine the superficial posts over at WASP 101. Richard lectures others on the topic of WASPdom while repeatedly failing to inform himself on the topic before pontificating on it in a post. Richard deserves to be mocked, insulted and ridiculed.