Monday, March 23, 2009

The latest from Retard

A few comments from Richard's post today at WASP 101:

"This week, I plan to focus on the best dressed men on television."

Notice how Richard presumes to know what "best" means. Richard, perhaps in your opinion he is one of the best dressed. Perhaps you would be better served posting his photo and describing his style without ramming your subjective taste down our throats. Why is he the best dressed? Who defines it? What does best mean?

"The men have a WASPy take on fashion."

We have already established that Richard has no clue what "WASPy" means. Why not just post it and describe it rather than attempting to put a label on it?


Richard, your constant use of the exclamation mark is like laughing at your own jokes. How about this. Try moving from complete asshole territory to just asshole territory. Then we'll work on moving you out of asshole territory. This might take some time but we'll get there.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I have no idea how stupid I look

From the excellent blog, Ivy Style:

Lower Middlebrow: Double-breasted suit and “splashy” tie in city, sport shirt and colored slacks in country.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Looking for a nickname for Richard

Nothing too offensive - one temper tantrum is enough.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Are you talkin' to me?

Monkey See - Monkey Do

We all know that Richard has no imagination, creativity or intellectual ability. Here Richard tries to copy an image he saw at the Sartorialist. The Italian looks good, relaxed, HIMSELF. Richard looks like the usual douche bag that he is.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Would you take fashion advice from this guy?

Me, me, me

"Great pictures! I just wanted to let you know that I have returned. With work and many blogging haters out there, I let my blog get to me. Anyway, being the determined bastard that I am, I refuse to let them cause me to quit."

The above is a comment left by Richard on Laguna Beach Trad's blog (February 19th post)

Notice how Richard doesn't have anything intelligent to add to the post. It's all me, me ,me come back to my blog Admiral Cod because you are so cool and intelligent and you give my crappy blog credibility.....

Richard, Admiral Cod is a worldly, intelligent, articulate person. I'm sure he doesn't give two craps whether you're back or not. Ask yourself Richard: What do you ADD to Admiral Cod's life? Nothing? You got it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

There's a lot of stupid piling up at WASP 101. As soon as I can find a good shovel, I'll mock - post something.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anon comes to the rescue

A Commenter indicated the following on WASP 101 yesterday:

Why do people have to be so abusive and nasty - don't like the blog? Go somewhere else. Maybe blogger bullying is just what you get off on?

No one is making you read it. Lots of us really like the stuff on here.

I think it's Richard who writes the "nice" Anonymous posts. He's kind of fake like that.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Richard's original post from Janaury 2008 should have let us know the caliber of this fool.

He makes the claim that ANYONE can be a WASP and ANYONE can live the lifestyle. Well, Richard, after a year of blogging, you have failed in your claim. What's next?

Do us all a favor and shut it down.

Oh, and "alright" is no more a word than you are a WASP.

Class dismissed.

WASP vs. Jewish Law Firms

An interesting post over at Race/History/Evolution

Wrong Again

Skimming the scum from the pond of WASP 101 brings us to today's ingenious post:

The Skull and Bones, where did it begin:

"My personal opinion is the secret society, and stores like J Press celebrating the heritage of Yale’s campus."

Oh, yes, Richard's personal opinion is actually worth something. Richard, J. Press does not "celebrate" the heritage of Yale. J. Press is a commercial retailer who sells clothing. Sometimes, they sell Skull & Bones items to social retards like you. That's how they make money. They find idiots with money and sell them stuff. And substituting J. Press and Barker for Ralph Lauren does not give your post any more credibility.

"and how did it become part of the WASP lifestyle?"

It never has been part of the WASP lifestyle.

Richard, read a fucking book you pudgy asshole. Oh, and not the Preppy Handbook.

Friday, March 6, 2009

He looks like a God damn pimp

Richard's ex-girlfriends

I recently met up with some of Richard's old girlfriends. They told me everyone in their trailer park thought he was low class because he couldn't write proper English and he wore pink sweaters with little horsies on them.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Richard is an Asshole

Richard is like the kid in class who raises his hand, repeats what the teacher just said, and then acts as though he contributed something unique.

Richard's blog is juvenile drivel. All are beginning to see this. Even Richard, the mental midget that he is, suspects his intellectually and socially superior critics are right.

Out of desperation, Richard begins reading Ivy Style. Richard will not admit to this, he will not give credit, nor will he link to this vastly superior website. However, he will steal from it and try to pass it off as his own.

Two of Richard's recent posts have been on Weejuns
and Ivy fashion. Coincidentally, Ivy Style has JUST blogged on both of these topics. Of course Richard does not have the same panache or intellectual skill as Christian but that does not stop Richard from acting like he understands the Ivy Style postings.

For example, Christian discusses a recent book he purchased and speaks objectively - detaching HIMSELF from the topic.

Richard, on the other hand, INSERTS HIMSELF into the topic as usual and has the temerity to give fashion advice.

"Now, on to something more positive....Weejuns. I love Bass Weejuns, and I do own a rather beaten up pair that needs some serious repair. I liked the fact that they are unlined, and I have considered purchasing another pair very soon. The older variety look better than today's version, but they are still a great investment. They look great with khakis, jeans, shorts, tweed, etc. If a man is to own only one pair of shoes, then Weejuns should be the choice. In addition, they are rather inexpensive, and they look better the older they get."

Who would take fashion advice from Richard? And who really cares what Richard thinks? He has already established himself as the laughing stock of all style forums on the internet.

In Richard's latest post on Ivy fashion he concludes with one of his famous questions to himself:

Do I really care if the style makes a full!

And we don't care whether you care, Richard.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

English isn't Richie's strong suit...

"The gentleman above looks completely natural with his double breasted jacket open, and there are many others who can pull the look off. Unfortunately, I am not one of those men, and my double breasted jackets do not look natural while open."

Language skills, dress and manners go hand in hand. Richard butchers all three - badly.


It's Chuck Bass here. Listen I want you to stop harrassing Richard. He's really stressed out and won't have sex with me. I bought him flowers to help cheer him up but to no avail. I even bought him a new pair of bowling shoes - I mean saddle shoes. Please no more. He's got his cream trousers all in a bunch.

WASP Sense of Family

One of the principles true WASPs lived by was advancing their family through education, service to country and service to God. Remember that? Richard doesn't.

Richard's idea of family is posting his wife's breasts on the internet for all to gawk at.

Way to go, Richard.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who's The WASP?

Richard's Failings are Instructive

I read "Rambles in Old College Towns" by Hildegarde Hawthorne recently. She is the granddaughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne. The book was published in 1917 during World War I.
On a Spring Day during the War Years, Ms. Hawthorne and her sister, who lived in New York City, resolve to take a month's vacation to visit the college towns on the Eastern Seabord. They rode a train from New York's Penn Station to Charlottesville, Virginia where they began their tour of the University of Virginia. From there they stopped at William and Mary in Williamsburg. They then turned northward where they visited Annapolis, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Harvard, Bowdoin (N.H. attended Bowdoin) Dartmouth, Wellesley, Amherst, Smith, Williams, Vassar, West Point and Cornell. The book is beautifully descriptive and written. Ms. Hawthorne gives a nice history of each of the colleges - who founded them - when - and under what circumstances.

After leaving Smith, Sister turned to Ms. Hawthorne:

"We've seen a lot," said sister. "But you'd have to live four years in the place to get hold of it - and that, by the way, is the trouble in seeing any college. They can't really be seen - they have to be lived."

WASPdom is lived by WASPs. It cannot be purchased at Ralph Lauren. It cannot be copied from Richard's "A Privileged Life" book that he keeps in his office for all to see. It cannot be blogged about by an outsider. Richard believes that images are the backbone of WASPdom. Copy an image and call it a day is Richard's motto. Richard has never been to any of the WASP clubs such at the Union. He has never been to the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He has never been to the resort towns mentioned in Cleveland Amory's book, The Last Resorts, he has not studied the nuances and subtlties of WASP families discussed by Nelson Aldrich, Edward Digby Baltzell or Cleveland Amory and others. Richard's lack of authority on the issue leaves him frustrated when he cannot muster the words to have a discussion with his critics.

I will continue to read books on sociology while continuing to laugh at Richard and his "blog."

Oh, and every WASP should own $50, poorly made Weejuns. Go get yours now while supplies last. Richard says so.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Summit of Intellectual Analysis

Richard tries to intellectually analyze the way fraternities are seen today.

He says it is not arguable that the movie changed how the world saw fraternities. Yes, why would we argue with an intellectual giant like you Richard?

Then, blah, blah, blah, nonsense, what the fuck is this guy even talking about?

Then he puts his history degree to good use. He musters up all his intellectual learning and historical analysis skills and makes a conclusion:

Could this movie have contributed to the downfall of the true WASP....I guess, but let's not place too much blame on the film.

Ok, Richard we won't. So do you mean the eminent, scholarly sociologists were right in their books that it was something other than Animal House that caused the decline of the WASP in the United States? What a relief. I would not have wanted to read all of those books for nothing.

Commenter Chuck Bass had an interesting comment:

Please Richard, tell us more of what you've learned about WASP culture from television shows and movies. Have you ever been on the Upper East Side or inside a fraternity house?

WASP 101 Commenters

The Commenters at WASP 101 are much wittier, educated and informed than Richard and his three friends can ever be. Here is one of my favorites:

Tripp Hamilton said...

Ms. Truitt

Perhaps you should read a dictionary from cover to cover, peruse a thesaurus, or consult the Elements of Style. Maybe this is an Orwellian instance of some people being more equal than others in regards to education. Quit with the sour grapes and go back to eating pork rinds in front of Fox News

More Stupid from Stupid

Richard really is an asshole. What? You know that already? Just get on with the post? Ok.

We do not know what Richard does for a living, but we know that he does not teach English at Harvard nor is he Senior Editor at one of the great publishing houses. Here is how he starts his latest post:

It is a very rainy day here, and I decided to visit Target to get some much needed essentials. I actually have a lot of work to do when I return, but I plan to make time for a pipe smoke in the new office. It isn't complete yet because I plan to add tartan carpeting and crown molding, but it is on its way.

It's raining - therefore I decided to visit Target - as if the latter naturally follows the former. Then he says he has a lot of work to do but plans to smoke his pipe in his new office. Don't laugh at my new office until I add the Tartan carpeting like the obnoxious asshole I am then you can feel free to laugh.

So anyway, while in Target I encountered this bratty little 3 1/2 year old kid with spiked hair. He was running all around tormenting his two older brothers and mother. Finally, he stopped and threw his foot in the air while telling his brother the following:

I digress. I did not mean to talk so much about meeeeeee before getting to the main point of my WASP topic. And here comes the main point of Richard's WASP post:

"Tie my I can kick you in the penis".
I laughed my butt off, and the mother became a little disturbed, but who cares. First, I have never heard a little kid refer to male genitalia as a penis. Second, it was just funny!

Boy, that was really funny, Richard. And how insightful - you laughed because it was funny? Really? Wow. Again, the post comes back full circle to you - not your topic.

Thank you for wasting our time yet again. Clearly you have nothing to teach anyone about the WASP community.