Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who's The WASP?


  1. It's not the outfits that are so disagreeable to me. It's the dishonest crap that Rich spins into this superior character he obviously wishes he was. He is also very quick to judge his "clients" behavior and clothing choices but can't take similar criticism about his own.

    If he just said "I live here, attended there, I'm a fan of Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren, here are my outfits and general perceptions on life.", he would not be blasted so badly.

    It's funny, but fitting, that he won't divulge what country club he belongs to or where he went to school but is quick to point out all his father's supposed associations and property acreage.

    Note: I am not a WASP nor do I dislike them.

  2. Ah....another choice photo of dickie_boy trying to hard, perhaps he should attend some remedial form of sartorial summer school

  3. i fried chicken and collard greens!