Thursday, March 5, 2009

Richard is an Asshole

Richard is like the kid in class who raises his hand, repeats what the teacher just said, and then acts as though he contributed something unique.

Richard's blog is juvenile drivel. All are beginning to see this. Even Richard, the mental midget that he is, suspects his intellectually and socially superior critics are right.

Out of desperation, Richard begins reading Ivy Style. Richard will not admit to this, he will not give credit, nor will he link to this vastly superior website. However, he will steal from it and try to pass it off as his own.

Two of Richard's recent posts have been on Weejuns
and Ivy fashion. Coincidentally, Ivy Style has JUST blogged on both of these topics. Of course Richard does not have the same panache or intellectual skill as Christian but that does not stop Richard from acting like he understands the Ivy Style postings.

For example, Christian discusses a recent book he purchased and speaks objectively - detaching HIMSELF from the topic.

Richard, on the other hand, INSERTS HIMSELF into the topic as usual and has the temerity to give fashion advice.

"Now, on to something more positive....Weejuns. I love Bass Weejuns, and I do own a rather beaten up pair that needs some serious repair. I liked the fact that they are unlined, and I have considered purchasing another pair very soon. The older variety look better than today's version, but they are still a great investment. They look great with khakis, jeans, shorts, tweed, etc. If a man is to own only one pair of shoes, then Weejuns should be the choice. In addition, they are rather inexpensive, and they look better the older they get."

Who would take fashion advice from Richard? And who really cares what Richard thinks? He has already established himself as the laughing stock of all style forums on the internet.

In Richard's latest post on Ivy fashion he concludes with one of his famous questions to himself:

Do I really care if the style makes a full!

And we don't care whether you care, Richard.


  1. Where is this 'sprezzatura'you so gallantly claim to possess? If you, dear blogger, had even a smidgen of class, you'd realize that you are embarrassing yourself.

    It took me a while to find out to whom all this hatred and anger was directed at, and while I must admit that WASP 101 is no more a WASP than Ric Flair, I am also sure, given by the energy and thought you put into this blog, that you aren't either.

    Come on, chap! Look at all the time and resources you've wasted letting everyone know your distaste of this 'Richard.' Why, you did 2 or 3 posts just yesterday!

    A true person of class or character would laugh at the other blog and go on. At the most gather his buddies for a good laugh.

    But you have an abnormal obsession with this.

    I believe you protesteth too much...

  2. Everything you say is absolutely true.

  3. Ummm.....oh ANON?.....just picture your comments here
    apppearing over at "WASP 101" directed at-Richard.....
    NOW you've got the picture.Crystal Clear......

    Pundit, get a load of this "chap" trying to psyche you out,
    the undertone,underlying ,unspoken message being,
    "I'm using proper english just as you requested,WHY I
    EVEN TYPED- "CHAP" - just so you know I'M A REAL
    WASP ,and I hope to shame you by tricking you into
    believing I'm someone worthy of your respect"

    ANON-just to clarify- RICHARD IS THE ONE WITH


    Pundit and the blog here are a WONDERFUL antacid relief
    for people with "true class" it?

    Do yourself a favor and don't try again...
    "sprezzatura" MY HOW IMPRESSIVE WAS THAT?!

  4. One of Richard's paid supporters, no doubt.

  5. Pundit-go see Richard's latest update......
    You're not going to believe this.
    He is REALLY cracking up.

  6. Pundit,

    Please pardon my garishness however, Richard (certainly in the latest post) is a asinine slime-bag with a bitch dog. Someone needs to give the guy a nice ass kicking.