Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WASP Sense of Family

One of the principles true WASPs lived by was advancing their family through education, service to country and service to God. Remember that? Richard doesn't.

Richard's idea of family is posting his wife's breasts on the internet for all to gawk at.

Way to go, Richard.


  1. Her complicity in the charade of WASP101 is something else....
    Both of them ,deluded together, ah,marital bliss....

    Her fashion sense is actually worse than his,much worse.
    Normally ,the pictures just seem to say average ordinary
    housewife,fine. Its that her photos are being used in
    promotion of "Richard101" that invites the ridicule.

  2. With the skin tone and the neck, I wonder if it's Richard in drag.

  3. One must admit that a boobie shot consisting of a sweater set and pearls is pretty WASPy. What was the original context?

  4. Let's see them tits!