Monday, March 23, 2009

The latest from Retard

A few comments from Richard's post today at WASP 101:

"This week, I plan to focus on the best dressed men on television."

Notice how Richard presumes to know what "best" means. Richard, perhaps in your opinion he is one of the best dressed. Perhaps you would be better served posting his photo and describing his style without ramming your subjective taste down our throats. Why is he the best dressed? Who defines it? What does best mean?

"The men have a WASPy take on fashion."

We have already established that Richard has no clue what "WASPy" means. Why not just post it and describe it rather than attempting to put a label on it?


Richard, your constant use of the exclamation mark is like laughing at your own jokes. How about this. Try moving from complete asshole territory to just asshole territory. Then we'll work on moving you out of asshole territory. This might take some time but we'll get there.


  1. "Best dressed men on television".....and what does Retard do?
    He chooses a character created specifically for Tanqueray ,
    whose going to wear whatever the creative powers behind
    the commercial decide. Not a personal endorsement of that
    actor's personal choice of fashion in any way ,shape, or form.
    "best dressed CHARACTERS on television"?.......

    To top it off ,of course Tanqueray has to kiss the ass of
    the "multiculturalism" marketing, "Tony St Clair"
    why of course that sounds completely black to me.
    Just how I picture the character. Can't wait for a white
    named Mugumbo Makohene to take his place.........
    It is obvious Richard gives in to the mulitculturalism
    BS heartily with his "anyone can be" nonsense.

    Fly Away Dicky Bird.....and take the Dicky Room with you.

  2. So, I have been commenting on Tricky Dick' site, but none appear to be cutting the mustard, as our good man is not posting them. Today's train wreck regarding some hermaphrodite from a television show only 11 year old girls watch, spurned me to put the following:

    "He is probably one of the worst dressed people I have ever witnessed. Is he trying to channel a 1985 high school girl in the first photo? Truly horrific.

    I would be very interested, Richard, to hear your actual reason why these individuals you consider to be the best dressed people on television. I must say, not a single one thus far has even come close to a nightly news anchorman as far as dress goes. Yes, this young man wears clothes that would be considered preppy, but he looks as if he has broken into his brothers closet and is playing dress up.

    So, Richard, let's show some of your detractors you know what your talking about. Rather then "Enjoy!" or "Very nice!" how about some actual analysis. Are you up for it?"

    We'll see if our boy has any brass ones.

  3. Just discovered your site; your heart is in the right place. So, here's a gem from WASP 101:

    "Is it possible that I could have been an aristocrat in a former life (no, that is silly, I am a Christian and I don't believe in such)[sic]"

    If you're going to peddle some bit of arcane English, like using "such" as a plural noun, make sure you attend to the basics, too... like ending your sentences with periods.

    The author might not know that the majority of English aristocracy (the only real titled aristocracy left) is also Christian, like him (although likely more literate and better-educated). It doesn't seem to have stopped them from believing in being aristocrats, whatever that means.

    Most of the kings ordering crusades on behalf of the Church were Christian, too, and Jesus himself is often called the "king of the Jews." Until recently, European kings were regularly appointed by the Pope as "Holy Roman Emperor."

    On the other side of the chasm, Martin Luther and the Protestants drew most of their initial backing from German princes who resented the Vatican's meddling in their business.

    One aristocrat in particular, Henry VIII, founded his own branch of Christianity: Anglicanism.

    There's nothing, and never has been, which suggests in any way that Christians have any problem with aristocracy or don't "believe" in it.

    This guy is an idiot.



    1. I'm fairly certain what's his name was refering to reincarnation, not aristocracy.

      This blog has to be a parody site, no?

  4. Thank you for this blog. WASP 101 is incredibly irritating and Richard deserves to have the piss taken out of him.

    Just a note, are you going to footnote F.Scott for your comment on exclamation points?

  5. I think what strikes me as offensive about his blog, and what makes me keep looking at it as if I were rubber-necking at a car accident, is that in practically every one of his posts he shows us what he has bought himself to make him appear a Wasp. Wasps don't "tell" you what they own; they just bloody own it. They don't "tell" you they have a certain brand of slippers; they just "wear" them. Like the Official Preppy Handbook or True Prep, his blather isn't even tongue-in-cheek. I think he's actually being serious! He expects us to take him seriously.

  6. Love reading blogs about suits. I'm planning to write a blog about double breasted suits.

  7. Andrew 1769... Christians don't believe in reincarnation. That's what he was getting at.

    I have this man's blog posted under "Blogs in Poor Taste," so I'm not exactly a fan, but your critique is wide of the mark.

  8. Love reading blogs about suits.Thank you for this blog.