Wednesday, March 4, 2009

English isn't Richie's strong suit...

"The gentleman above looks completely natural with his double breasted jacket open, and there are many others who can pull the look off. Unfortunately, I am not one of those men, and my double breasted jackets do not look natural while open."

Language skills, dress and manners go hand in hand. Richard butchers all three - badly.


  1. If only improper english were the greatest fault
    he has to deal with.

    Another observation, I am convinced Richard has been,
    is being, schooled by some other person who thinks
    they know all about WASP culture inside and out.

    Feeding him every extreme stereotype there is ,
    patting himself on the back,"Stick with me Richie boy,
    I KNOW WASP. I've been around them enough,I know
    what I'm talking about."

    Somehow this person is someone Richard refuses to
    question and the bond of trust is too strong.

    In addition for a search for self esteem,Richard is
    too determined with this WASP101 venture for
    it to be blogging for the sake of blogging.
    He has some vision,some vested interest,some
    long range goal,almost "WASP101 or Bust",
    all or nothing...........

    At this point he already IS,no longer just becoming,
    but he has truly arrived at the destination-
    Laughing Stock of the internet sartorial community.

    For him to consider it time well spent,that somehow
    he'll overcome this trainwreck and shall somehow
    triumph with the light at the end of the tunnel.....

    WOW....what an eye opener.
    Let us ponder the significance of a double breasted
    blazer being worn open and casual........
    How deep,how provocative.
    With enough analysis yet another layer of the
    enigma of all thig WASP is uncovered,discovered,
    nourished and fullfilled.
    One more step forward toward full WASP glorification.

    Bravo Richard!!.................for with enough time and effort
    and study some day you will graduate to COMPLETE MORON.

  2. is it horrible i like both wasp101 and your site?

  3. And class is NOT yours!


  4. Is that you, Richard? I recognize the exclamation point.