Monday, March 9, 2009

WASP vs. Jewish Law Firms

An interesting post over at Race/History/Evolution


  1. i first came to this site because i thought it was silly and made fun of richard's often juvenile posts.
    then i clicked on the above link, read the content there and shuddered. this isn't really about poking fun, is it?

  2. GASP!! An article about SIMPLE OBSERVATIONS of
    WASP vs JEWISH law firms ,which one can read,ponder,
    draw their OWN conclusions.....wasp101s-u-c-k-s, is
    a pretty obvious title and statement for this blog.

    To break it up a little ,an article or two that could produce
    honest dialogue regarding REAL intellectual discussion
    of Amercian culture and WASPS, IS NO REASON...
    TO SHUDDER....(nice try 4:01pm Anon) please retreat
    surrender, and shut up.

  3. I just knew some idiot would cry anti-Semitism. Heaven forbid anyone make observations about Jewish law firms. Don't you remember the Holocaust!

    The article was interesting - thanks for posting.

    PS: Indians are the new Jews in the medical profession ;)

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