Monday, March 2, 2009

The Summit of Intellectual Analysis

Richard tries to intellectually analyze the way fraternities are seen today.

He says it is not arguable that the movie changed how the world saw fraternities. Yes, why would we argue with an intellectual giant like you Richard?

Then, blah, blah, blah, nonsense, what the fuck is this guy even talking about?

Then he puts his history degree to good use. He musters up all his intellectual learning and historical analysis skills and makes a conclusion:

Could this movie have contributed to the downfall of the true WASP....I guess, but let's not place too much blame on the film.

Ok, Richard we won't. So do you mean the eminent, scholarly sociologists were right in their books that it was something other than Animal House that caused the decline of the WASP in the United States? What a relief. I would not have wanted to read all of those books for nothing.

Commenter Chuck Bass had an interesting comment:

Please Richard, tell us more of what you've learned about WASP culture from television shows and movies. Have you ever been on the Upper East Side or inside a fraternity house?


  1. You are a pathetic human being....You disgust me in every possible way. You think you are so damn smart don't you, well you can just kiss my ass!

  2. Richard at his classiest. Truly one must acknowledge the real decline of the WASP establishment did not, in fact, come from the movie Animal House, rather from posers like Richard, who are equally as barbarous and asinine as those fools in the movie. While I enjoy it for a good laugh occasionally, it hardly crossed my mind that it lead some sort of assault on WASPs. Another, truly brilliant, post by our dearest Richard.


  3. Sweet Mary Jane get rid of that pink sweater under the "Bozo the Clown" heading. It is burning my retinas.

    -God save the Queen

  4. And, for all that is good and holy, please keep up the fine effort.

    -God save the Queen some more

  5. This is a great and much needed blog. What Richard and his bevy of (Fake) fans fail to realize is that criticism is not levied against him for his very real lack of taste or apparent colorblindness rather it is because he insists that he is what he is not. His pitiful attempts to create what he believes is a real WASP heritage is the true crime. Keep up the good work!