Monday, March 2, 2009

More Stupid from Stupid

Richard really is an asshole. What? You know that already? Just get on with the post? Ok.

We do not know what Richard does for a living, but we know that he does not teach English at Harvard nor is he Senior Editor at one of the great publishing houses. Here is how he starts his latest post:

It is a very rainy day here, and I decided to visit Target to get some much needed essentials. I actually have a lot of work to do when I return, but I plan to make time for a pipe smoke in the new office. It isn't complete yet because I plan to add tartan carpeting and crown molding, but it is on its way.

It's raining - therefore I decided to visit Target - as if the latter naturally follows the former. Then he says he has a lot of work to do but plans to smoke his pipe in his new office. Don't laugh at my new office until I add the Tartan carpeting like the obnoxious asshole I am then you can feel free to laugh.

So anyway, while in Target I encountered this bratty little 3 1/2 year old kid with spiked hair. He was running all around tormenting his two older brothers and mother. Finally, he stopped and threw his foot in the air while telling his brother the following:

I digress. I did not mean to talk so much about meeeeeee before getting to the main point of my WASP topic. And here comes the main point of Richard's WASP post:

"Tie my I can kick you in the penis".
I laughed my butt off, and the mother became a little disturbed, but who cares. First, I have never heard a little kid refer to male genitalia as a penis. Second, it was just funny!

Boy, that was really funny, Richard. And how insightful - you laughed because it was funny? Really? Wow. Again, the post comes back full circle to you - not your topic.

Thank you for wasting our time yet again. Clearly you have nothing to teach anyone about the WASP community.


  1. Well....Richard was entertained hearing the word.....
    Penis.....hmmmm,well being a dick himself....
    Perhaps Richard interpreted the moment as a
    personal remark towards himself and felt compelled
    to laugh it off,lest anyone within earshot of hearing
    the word "penis"turn and find Richard in their sight
    thereby concluding, "Now there's a Dick,if I've ever
    seen one."

    How truly sick though...gigggle,giggle,giggle..
    Did you hear that everybody???
    The little boy said,...........PENIS!!!!!!
    This truly does hint at a disturbed psyche .
    As usual just more and more, AND MORE
    evidence on a daily basis.
    Not only a poser now,but crossing over to
    reveal as I said a disturbed person
    who is truly cracking up before our eyes.

  2. How does one tell that a child is 3 1/2 years old?