Friday, March 6, 2009

Richard's ex-girlfriends

I recently met up with some of Richard's old girlfriends. They told me everyone in their trailer park thought he was low class because he couldn't write proper English and he wore pink sweaters with little horsies on them.


  1. Congratulations've made your hater's skin crawl....
    with even further un- fathomable.......DISGUST.
    One cannot shake their head enough at your latest tirade.

    You do not score one ,or 1 up your critics Richard by
    suggesting we are in the same arena of egotism as you
    are,therefore by bringing up the issue of supposed
    "girlfriends" and conquests thereof..........Richard???
    try to grasp this concept with ALL YOUR HEART..
    you see the only way you can look good as unto yourself
    is to project and assume we have the same mindset as you,
    after all there's nothing wrong with you to begin with right??

    The truth is-you are the pathetic kind of loser who would be
    jealous of someone else's "romantic conquests" so ,you relate
    how you would feel in that situation and assume we your
    critics would have the same reaction as you resulting in
    a "now I've got 'em" pleasure of satisfaction......

    Richard-stop pulling the trigger of "vengance" it keeps
    backfiring.....NO...DO keep it up Richard....keep it up.

    Finally...Michael Jackson .....uh huh....the worthless freak
    of 80's pop that no self respecting WASP EVER listened to
    or paid attention to......course now reflecting on your post
    about being fascinated by hearing the word "Penis" spoken
    by a small boy at Target....perhaps you and Mr Jackson have
    something in common Richard???? and why is it none of
    your critics would be suprised in the least......
    Next time you are in high rise building and you see an open
    window Richard, think of it as an opportunity..........

  2. Richie, they are some beauties...way to go stud....