Monday, March 2, 2009

WASP 101 Commenters

The Commenters at WASP 101 are much wittier, educated and informed than Richard and his three friends can ever be. Here is one of my favorites:

Tripp Hamilton said...

Ms. Truitt

Perhaps you should read a dictionary from cover to cover, peruse a thesaurus, or consult the Elements of Style. Maybe this is an Orwellian instance of some people being more equal than others in regards to education. Quit with the sour grapes and go back to eating pork rinds in front of Fox News


  1. Oh, no. I'd never eat Pork Rinds. It would be a Mint Julep, thank you so much.

    Since you have absolutely no knowledge of my education then you're comments mean nothing.

    You just might be surprised.

  2. Ms. Truitt-

    One does not need to have an intimate knowledge of your curriculum vitae, to infer/deduce the extent of your educational endeavours. Given that only 27% of the US population has a Bachelor's Degree the numbers still give me better than average odds.

    Additionally, droppin' and forgettin' your g's in your blog profile was the icing on this cake. Perhaps I am mistaken, but the irony in the hipster ruse of this Palinesque folksiness is tired. There are other telling bits in the profile as well, but I have not the time to discuss.

    I guess the mint julip would help wash down those pork it the sweet and the savoury interplay that does the trick?

  3. Mz. Truitt, "you're comments" would be a contraction of "you are comments." The word you grasp for is "your."