Friday, February 27, 2009

Poloist is Sane....

Now I know this guy is unstable....

Bitch-boy, faggot you may be, but coward, you most certainly are, however we in the public do not wish to relive your obscure, and unsatisfied childhood. So with that, continue to sit in your cubical quietly with thoughts of rage against your co-workers while we the sane people continue to live a healthy balanced life.


  1. This is a grammatical abortion:

    "it’s a wonderful thing to be respected, and loved by at least one person outside of your mother."

    I would hope those that respect & love you are not INSIDE your mother. Keep up the good work!

  2. A grand hand shake and salute to you sir.
    Im' the "Anon" over at WASP101 that drove Poloist
    to make such comments.

    In case you are reading Poloist,Poor Richard did not post
    my response to you,I have a lifestyle that makes yours
    ordinary by comparison.No cubicle.If you can find time
    for your computer habits once in a while so can I.
    YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE I consider LOWER than Richard.
    YES-you "Poloist".Every criticism of Richard goes double for
    you and then some.

    On behalf of the WASP Community at large I say
    THANK YOU for creating this blog.
    It is a sacrifice of your time , but you realize this
    WASP101 charade is just too repugnant to leave as is.
    He deserves to be revealed ,and I warned him this would
    happen eventually.No conspiracy here .I just know how
    human nature works good and bad.

    This "Richard " wants to take the grace and dignity of
    the WASP culture and make it his own personal
    "professional wrestler gimmick" and strut about
    as a rooster.....coming off more like a donkey
    of course.

    I think I can sum it up best by saying the real WASPS
    out here don't appreciate being mocked or someone
    shining the light on himself,drawing attention to
    himself,and then saying to the World Wide Web,
    Want to know what a REAL WASP IS?
    Then follow me SIr Richard of WASP 101 and let word
    spread that yes Richard is the new standard living
    example for all things a WASP is and stands for.

    Hopefully someone out there who knows "Richie"in real life
    will comment somewhere on a website with heavy traffic
    just what WASP101 is really all about.

    I still doubt mightily,strongly,that "Richard" is
    genuine WASP or even a hint of English ancestry
    on either side of his family heritage.

    I look forward to sharing comedic wit with you here
    as further dissection of the fraud WASP 101.

  3. Every Poloist comment has this phony gallantry of redressing some insult by expounding on poor character (compared to his humble self). What a sham these veiled attacks and self-aggrandizements are!

  4. WASP's aren't the only ones offende by Richie. There are plenty of us Catholics of Southern European decent who are plenty disgusted by the childish depths of his poseur-ism and outright stupidity.

    While I do think a blog such as this one may be the very epitome of "snarkiness" , I'm willing to grant you a pass, as extreme situations tend to call for an extreme response.

    Put me in the "agree" column on this one.

  5. What a gaggle of whiny babies. You all seem to hate the attention Richard gets. I guess you are feeling like the fat, ugly girls at prom with whom no one wants to dance? How sad. I think you are the, it is admirable the depth of knowledge and experience you bring to the table when discussing WASP culture. You are true WASP connisseurs. How lucky we are that you appeared just in time before the evil Richard duped us all. What assholes. :-)

  6. "I THINK YOU ARE THE POSERS" said in the same manner
    as the classic juvenille ,tit for tat style,retort.

    What next Richard? Going to repeat "'Barabarino's classic"
    rhyming insult phrases from Welcome Back Kotter?
    That's you Richard,that's your depth and knowledge yessir...

    Again, here we have a classic spin,NO, You are what
    you accuse me of, so there......

    Indeed Anon 10:11 am.......richie.....what depth
    knowledge and wit you bring in your retort.
    Thanks for posting a TRUE WHINY BABY response
    here that adds even -further-evidence to all our claims.


  7. forgive Poloist, i guess it is the fiery and feral blood of his ancestors that causes him to rant and use CAPITAL letters, still maybe he could redeem his stature with a hymnal or spiritual?