Thursday, February 26, 2009

WASP 101 - What A Stupid Prol

Welcome to WASP 101 - What A Stupid Prol.

The idea of the blog is to examine the superficial posts over at WASP 101. Richard lectures others on the topic of WASPdom while repeatedly failing to inform himself on the topic before pontificating on it in a post. Richard deserves to be mocked, insulted and ridiculed.


  1. Agree with the argument, not the title. The proletariat are generally honest and pretentious while Richard is neither. His sad charade exemplifies the self-conscious social stiving so characteristic of the middle-class.

    Sadly, he would probably make a fine run-of-the-mill American suburbanite, but he pretends to be more and actually comes off as less.

  2. Oops, second sentence should read UNpretentious